Slackrr - Time, It Waits for No One (Southampton, UK)

It may have only been just over six months from the release of Slackrr’s debut album Time, It Waits for No One, but damn does this album exceed my expectations and much more. For fans of Bearings, Cartel, ROAM and Real Friends, the pop-punk / emo trio from Southampton, UK, are going to run the scene for years to come.

The nine track album flows together by throwing in pop punk, emo and pop rock sounds while also keeping a 2010s-esque fast-paced rhythm showing fans track after track that they should keep listening. In “Asleep at the Wheel,” apparent influences from Run Kid Run and Cartel are evident as the song highlights short silence / guitar bursts to give the listener a raw, punky feel.

In “Breathe,” silence / guitar bursts are present again but the drums set the tone for the track and help them channel the beginning of the decade influences in the genre. Quick bass and snare drums alternate with brute energy that eventually tone down into a slow bridge buildup, bringing the whole song together. The band even throws in a stripped back feel to end the song.

For “Lessons,” the rhythm guitar takes the lead in the first verse while the lead guitar helps balance everything out as the chorus itself hits. Just like Canadian outfit Bearings, the vocals are blended perfectly and really bring everything together.

Watch for things in the UK scene start to heat up as Slackrr moves forward and expect to see them everywhere in due time. Time may wait for no one so don’t get stuck sleeping on this trio.

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