DoDoDo - Rebirth of the Dodo

Every now and then, a project with blend the lines of music and spoken story, and that is what North Carolina outfit DoDoDO have done. With their album “Rebirth of the Dodo,” the three-piece emo/whatever band from Raleigh have taken a DIY approach, taking matters into their own hands.

The first song, “Sports Reference II,” starts with an opening skit and then blends in with soft vocals and a strong bass line with slow drums as well. When the chorus hits, they switch it up and produce a more fast-paced atmosphere.

Following is “Model 666,” which focuses on rawer, raspier vocals with little echos hear and there, giving off the impression there are dual vocals. On top of that, the bass lines seem to control the song and sets the tone.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam Smith jumped on “Is it Larping If You’re Just Hanging Out” as the vocalist channels some inspiration. Another highlight of the song is the overall number of different percussion instruments that make a mark.

All in all, if you’re going DIY, go the DoDoDo way, tell a story, grab the listeners attention and then blow their minds away.

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