Incase We Crash - Soul Paint

Toronto’s own Incase We Crash boldly enter the fray with their new EP “Soul Paint.” Over the span of five songs, the pop-punk three-piece highlights good energy and ethereal soundscapes while each song gets better than the next.

The album starts out with “City Sky.” With a vocal prominence with out of focus instrumentals to start the track, it quickly breaks into upbeat riffing. A nice bass solo leads the second verse after a nice, good measured chorus. The bridge shakes things up with a ballad feel, showing off harmonic background vocals. The last chorus releases the energy of the whole song while encapsulating up and coming Belmont.

“Garden” and “Wolfboy” show off the ethereal portion of the album. In “Garden” the ethereal feel is coupled with arching vocals in the intro but is considerably slowed down for the first verse. After the post-chorus brings the energy back, a bass solo is prominent again. The second chorus is where the track really takes flight. In “Wolfboy,” the track opens up with a synth and catchy bass riffs while reality is stripped away throughout the rest of the song.

The title track, “Soul Paint,” features stripped back vocals and pre-chorus clapping to get the listener ready for something big. The chorus comes in with full, raw vocals. The last song on the album, “If We Break” is the most experimentative of all the tracks highlighted by harmonic background vocals, a stopwatch counting down and a piano showcase that opens everything up wonderfully.

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