Keep Summer Safe - Meet Me There

Keep Summer Safe’s new EP “Meet Me There” has brought earlier 2010s pop punk sounds back to the forefront of our minds, a much needed nostalgia release. FFO: Handguns, Veara and Freshman 15.

The EP starts out with my personal favorite: “Nervous.” The 2010s sound immediately comes into play, encompassing influences from the likes of Freshman 15 and Veara. Very strong lead guitars mix with great drum fills with a highlight during the bridge with a bright lead guitar showcase. 

“Not An Apology” showcases fierce vocals that are reminiscent of Handguns that transition into more gang vocals, a highlight throughout the EP. The bridge highlights a sophisticated bass solo that brings the song together and allows the last chorus to bring it all home.

“Sorry” and “In Time” both sport strong guitars again. “Sorry” has a very catchy, melodic chorus filled with dual harmonies. Serious drums fills are also present with many a crash highlight. “In Time,” the last track on the EP, follows the same suit but has beefier chord progressions, ending the EP on a strong note.

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