M.B. Mulkey - marshall benjamin

The album opens up with a pair of acoustic guitars in “neutral” and continues with a mix of almost an accordion and harmonica crossover. The bridge comes in nice and slow followed by a burst of energy cascading into an acoustic guitar twist. In “spare parts,” the acoustic is present again w/ the accordionica but shows up a little slower paced, giving off a more ominous feel.

“happenstance,” a standout on the album, starts off with a slow opening in a ballad feel. This track brings the tone of the entire album to introspective while keeping the accordionica that is also able to end with a truly stunning vocal showcase

The rest of the album shows off M.B. Mulkey’s range. “when it all breaks down” is fit for the soundtrack of the perfect road trip. “carry me home” throws in some new percussion with snares and maracas. The last track, “mom and dad in the summer” makes you reflect on yourself and the entirety of the album.

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