Reign the Sky - From Here

If you are looking for a 90s feel from the French-est part of Canada, then look no further than Reign the Sky’s new EP “From Here,” out now. The three-piece alt-pop punk outfit from Quebec brings the fire in this four song epic.

The opening track, “Maggie,” follows a classic Green Day intro quickly followed by high octave guitars, already preparing the listener for something good to come. Featuring a nice, slow pre-chorus and drum highlighted post-chorus / bridge, the song takes off at the end with nice gang vocals.

“We Are the Ones” starts off with a playful intro and pulls the 90s influences right into the chorus. While the chorus is great, the post-chorus is the showcase of the track, making the listener feel like they are in a wide open expanse, ready to take on the world. With a high energy bridge bringing the whole song together, angelic themes lead the way out.

The last two tracks, “And I” and “From Here,” take a slightly different approach. In “And I,” it starts out with an acoustic intro that turns into a vocal highlight while the bridge and outro are fully plugged in. In “From Here,” drums push the intro forward that turns into an ethereal electronica feel. This track pulls the EP together and makes the listener feel as if everything is going to be ok.

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