Reign the Sky

From Here

(Quebec, Canada)

The three-piece alt-pop punk outfit from Quebec brings the fire in this four song epic.

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Incase We Crash

Soul Paint

(Toronto, Canada)

Over the span of five songs, the pop-punk three-piece highlights good energy and ethereal soundscapes while each song gets better than the next.

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M.B. Mulkey

marshall benjamin

(North Carolina, US)

M.B. Mulkey brings queer-folk to the spotlight in this 6 song saga.

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Keep Summer Safe

Meet Me There

(South London, UK)

Keep Summer Safe’s new EP “Meet Me There” has brought earlier 2010s pop punk sounds back to the forefront of our minds, a much needed nostalgia release. 

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Rebirth of the Dodo

(Raleigh, North Carolina)

Its all edgy and DIY storytelling for the emo outfit from N.C.

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Scooped Up! 

Hi-Tri [Sample]

(East Coast, United States)

No need for a time machine; the punk trio from Connecticut has temporarily dropped you in the 90s: 

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Time, It Waits For No One

(Southampton, UK)

Easily regarded as one of the best up and coming bands in the UK, Pop-Punk trio Slackrr do not hold back in their debut album: 

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South Drive 

South Drive 

(London, UK)

Gritty and genre-fluid, the 5-piece from London prove they can play whatever they set their minds to: 

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