Scooped Up! - Hi-Tri [Sample]

Imagine you put on your headphones or turn on your speakers and all of a sudden you were at a punk show in the 90s. The punk rockers of Scooped Up!, from the East Coast, United States, have done just that with their three-track EP entitled “Hi-Tri [Sample].” With gritty energy and a taste for honesty, this EP is just the beginning.

The album opens up with a fast-paced punk sound in “What’s for Lunch?” rivaling the early Sum 41 days. With cascading guitars and hayday punk drum fills, it's the perfect track to start off the musical journey. One of the best parts of the song is the strong drum fill during the bridge.

In track two, “TV Dinner,” the trio switch it up and head on over to the Blink-182 sound we all know and love. They yet again channeled 90s punk influences and the brutal angst in the lyrics bring the track together. A highlight of the track are the positive chord progressions through the chorus and bridge.

Rounding out the EP is “Get Bent,” a bass centric track with a strong lead guitar presence. They even went a little north of the border to channel Ontario’s own Fortune Cove, formerly known as Harbour.

Although this release is only three songs deep, it shows a lot of promise for a declining genre. It’s great to see a reprise of the edgy, punk sound we grew up on and I can’t wait to see what comes next for Scooped Up!

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