South Drive - South Drive EP (London, UK)

A 6-song EP is a perfect way to show that a band has many artist and genre influences in their work and that’s what London’s own South Drive has done. The latest self-titled release from the 5-piece showcases a wide range of influences from mainstream pop-punk to ska to 90s anthems.

The first track, “Nothing at the Moment” is the most pop-punk track on the album showing off high energy, yet softer instrumentals and fluctuating octave changes during the intro and chorus. The best part of the track is the underlying Hot Mulligan sound that has jump started their career in the scene.

The songs “Papercuts” and “Anywhere” show off that high energy ska feel without the horned instruments. “Papercuts” starts off soft, making you feel like you are listening to the soundtrack at the beginning of a heartfelt movie. The song then moves into strong compromises between riffs and what seems like individual finger strumming versus wristed chord progressions. The reflection piece comes back into play at the end with a soft outro featuring cello undertones.

In “Anywhere” there is a mix of ska, country and hardcore influences. The song starts off with a country twang and turns more ska oriented as the verses and pre-chorus start to come in. The post-chorus is where it lets loose with the drums using hardcore cymbol progressions.

What has been a 4 year journey doesn’t seem to be even close to over for these rockers. Be on the lookout for them to make a big splash in the UK music scene where, with their genre-fluid release, any band playing should offer up a spot on the bill. Finally, you can’t beat the amazing album art, featuring Barney (left) and Molly (right).

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